Dancing Through Life Studios is a NEW dance studio for 18+ young adults, adults and seniors who have love of all things dance, drama & music. 

All our classes are open classes for those who don't have any dance experience, as well as those who do. DTLS offers casual beginner and intermediate/advanced adult dance classes in the styles of; Tap, Musical Theatre, Broadway Jazz, Stretch Technique and Dance Choreography. Within our classes we run different workshops which look at different genres within each style of dance.

Our beginner classes in tap, musical theatre and stretch technique are for adults who do not have any prior experience in these styles. These classes are slow paced and encourage dancers to ask questions to assist in their learning and understanding of the style. If you have never picked up a dance shoe or dance class before in your life, it's never too late!

Our intermediate/advances in tap, broadway jazz, stretch technique and dance choreography are for more experienced dancers who haven't danced in a while but are looking to  get back into a style they know or challenge them self with a new style.

Our aim is to give adults the opportunity to be a part of a dance community that enjoys dance for fun and fitness, without the stress of committing to weekly classes, concerts, eisteddfods and performances. 

Founder, Lauren MacKinnon, has had over 20 years of dance training and 10 years of dance teaching experience. After struggling to find a non-competitive adult dance studio on the North Shore she committed herself to establishing Dancing Through Life Studios. A studio that she herself would love to attend that is close to home, has competitive prices and great value for money. Understanding that adults have enough going on in their lives, this studio encourages a social, welcoming and fun environment where dancers can let go of their life stresses and worries.

"My dream is for this studio is to be a place where adults from all phases of life can come together to challenge themselves and encourage others through dance, without even noticing that they are working out!"

Dancing is something to be shared in a creative, fun and social environment. 

Come along and dance through life with us!

Dancing Through Life Studios

Hornsby Studio;

Hornsby Leisure & Learning Centre

25 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby 2077



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