I've attended Dancing Through Life Studios (Beginner Tap/Theatre Jazz) for a few months now, and cannot recommend it enough! Lauren is a diligent and experienced teacher and choreographer who caters to all levels with an encouraging and professional manner. I don't think of myself as much of a dancer but with these classes I've seen great strides in my abilities. Classes never fail to put a smile on my face and leave me feeling excited for the next week. A fantastic experience that I'd recommend to anyone interested in dance!



Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

This studio is warm, welcoming, inclusive and adaptable to everyone's needs and levels of dance.

Lauren is a phenomenal teacher who makes you feel like you are a dancer the second you walk in the door.

An excellent and beautiful studio!


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

I’ve been looking long and hard for decent advanced classes in the Hornsby area and Lauren has been such a pleasant surprise. Finally classes that challenge and excite me each and every week.


It’s fitness and fun all rolled into one and I couldn’t recommend Dancing Through Life Studios more highly.


With beginner through to intermediate/advanced in tap and jazz, it’s a must try for all local dancers! 👯


Tap & Jazz Dancer

Had an absolutely fantastic time with Lauren as my teacher - I'm not a confident mover but I felt really supported and encouraged through her whole class.

A great workout, and the perfect space to come and improve my fitness and technique without judgement.

Thanks Lauren!



Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

Trying to find adult dance classes that truly cater to beginners is difficult.  As a beginner, you want a fun, supportive environment and to be surrounded by like-minded people. Having a teacher that is friendly, approachable, and knows when to challenge you is also a must - DTLS ticks all the boxes!

I've had so much fun doing classes online and can't wait to join in at the studio once quarantine has lifted. Thanks Lauren! 😊💃


Theatre Jazz Dancer

 I'm so glad I finally stopped procrastinating and took up dance classes. Even after my first Hip Hop (Beginner) class I started enjoying music and social events way more! I would recommend DTLS to anyone looking for dance classes around the North Shore, ESPECIALLY beginners. You will be welcomed from the moment you step foot into the studio and I promise you will have tons of fun.



Hip Hop, Dance Fit & Theatre Jazz Dancer

Lauren creates a fun, non-threatening, informative and inclusive enviornment at all dance classes. I would highly recommend DTLS if you're looking for a su and fun dance classs ❤️


Hip Hop, Dance Fit & Theatre Jazz Dancer

Love this studio!
Love the teachers!
Love the experience!
Such a fun and good way to keep up dance when school is finished, enjoy every lesson and am excited for more in the future!


Jazz, Hip Hop & Dance Choreography Dancer

Charming chore and communication, and catered perfectly to my ability level. Can't wait to go back soon!


Theatre Jaz Dancer

I've always had a blast dancing with Lauren! The Theatre Jazz classes change every 5 weeks, with a different theme/routine, so it keeps things interesting! I would highly recommend having a boogie with DTLS!



Theatre Jazz Dancer

Such a fun way to get back into dance after leaving school! Lauren is an amazing teacher and the classes are always the best.

Highly recommend DTLS 😊


Tap, Jazz & Dance Choreography Dancer

DTLS is such a fun place to dance, the people are so inviting and enjoyable to dance with. I've loved every class that I have taken.


Would definitely recommend to anyone of any dancing ability!


Jazz & Dance Choreography Dancer

Having attended 3 theatre jazz classes, I can say with absolute confidence that Lauren's the best!

She made the classes fun and helped me to improve my technique.

There's always a lot of laughs and great choreography to learn.

I would thoroughly recommend Dancing Through Life Studios to everybody!


Theatre Jazz Dancer

So nice to find a studio that caters to adults and their often hectic lifestyle. 

Classes are on at convenient times and you can pay by the class so it doesn't matter if you need to travel for work or have other family commitments.

Lauren is great and I have learnt so much in just a few weeks.


Tap Dancer

I have attended some one-off casual classes. They are so much fun and it is awesome to dance with people of all ages.

Lauren not only comes up with fun routines but also understands the different levels of dance of her students.

If you’re just looking for some fun or exercise, or if you're looking to pick up a new skill, go to DTLS! 


Jazz Dancer

Great experience so far, love that the classes are open and the Theatre Jazz class is great fun!


Theatre Jazz Dancer

This studio is amazing! I’ve been going to this dance studio for the past 3 months and have been thoroughly pleased with the whole experience.

Lauren is very encouraging and the entire environment is very welcoming. The classes, although on the smaller side, are very in-depth and helpful. 

Would 100% recommend this studio for people who are looking to improve their dance skills! 😊


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

Lauren is a brilliant teacher and a real dance artist.

She is patient and amazing.

Highly recommend!


Tap Dancer

Lauren is such an amazing teacher!!

I cannot stress enough how understanding she is of everyone’s level and pace of learning!


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

Lauren is so energetic and her classes are always full of fun and laughter.

Also, it is amazing how I can always walk away from her classes remembering the choreography!

Fantastic teacher!


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

As an adult beginner, it can be daunting but Lauren is patient and makes us feel comfortable while still challenging us each week!


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

I have done both the stretch class as well as hip hop classes.

Being a more mature student I was worried about the pace and my ability but Lauren was an excellent guide and teacher.

 Patient and persistent.

I felt at ease doing something out of my comfort zone whilst learning a new skill.


Stretch and Hip Hop Dancer

This studio is amazing! I've been taking beginner musical theatre dance classes and they are awesome. So much fun and so well taught.

I really recommend this studio as a fun and easy way to learn how to dance.


Tap & Theatre Jazz Dancer

I had so much fun with Lauren in beginner classes!

Great way to get active and learn the basics of dance!


Theatre Jazz Dancer

The online classes are working so well!

Lauren is a fantastic and patient teacher and her classes are well structured and fun! 


Theatre Jazz Dancer


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