Learning Dance as an Adult

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Learning a new skill as an adult is an extremely daunting thing. Especially dance - if you have never danced before in your life!

Remember how much easier it was as a kid? You would jump straight into a class with no hesitations and weren't afraid of any embarrassment. However, being an adult stepping into an unknown environment is extremely intimidating. As adults we have so many concerns - are we going to pick it up quickly, are we going to make a fool of ourselves in front of other people, is that level too hard and are we going to slow the class down? When did we start caring so much about what other people think, instead of just learning a new skill for the pure enjoyment of it?

The question is - where do you find the perfect environment for adults to learn dance? At DTLS of course!

Prior to founding DTLS, I struggled to find a studio where I could go to maintain and improve my own dance skills, without having to commit to any concerts or external performances. A studio where I wasn't judged and didn't leave feeling disheartened or inadequate. Frustrated by the lack of dance studios on the North Shore that were dedicated to only adults - especially beginner dancers. DTLS was created - by an adult dancer for adult dancers!

At DTLS, we understand that signing up for a new dance class is a challenge in itself. Our studio is a welcoming environment for adults to enjoy learning a new skill together. When you join our classes, we ensure that you are nurtured through the process - yes adults need nurturing too!

Even though our dance styles have different levels, we support our dancers to go at their own pace. This is to ensure that all dancers have strong foundational knowledge and technique to assist them in advancing to the next level. During our classes, we encourage our dancers to ask as many questions as they need to assist in their learning - more times than none someone else is struggling with the same step!


Our aim at DTLS is for our dancers to leave our classes feeling encouraged, inspired and empowered. Whether that is through learning a new skill, refining your technique, achieving your fitness goals, or leaving with a new friend! DTLS is a social and non-competitive studio that welcomes all adults.

Join our DTLS fam and start learning a new skill today!


By Lauren MacKinnon

DTLS Founder & Principle

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