When injuries knock you down - how to get back up!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Last week I had pinched nerve between my spine and pelvis, I was in the worst pain. You forget how much we rely on our bodies all day every day to be in fit, perfect working condition. It isn't until you are suffering from a sickness or are recovering from an injury that you realise just how incredible our bodies are! During my recovery last week, I reflected on when I last had a bad injury.

It was over 10 years ago when I dislocated my knee. I was in Year 11 and over-committing myself to all things dance; I had jazz ballet and tap dance classes once a week, along with eisteddfod classes another night AND I was rehearsing with my school for the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge. My body was working overtime!

It was at a Rock Eisteddfod rehearsal, during one of the last run-throughs of the day. There was a part in the routine where we twisted our bodies to the left and then back around to the right. I will never forget when I twisted back to the right my right knee was still facing left. Luckily, it popped itself right back however by that time my leg had collapsed on me due to the excruciating pain and I was sprawled on the floor. I will never forget the looks I got from the girls around me as if to say - what are you doing that's not part of the routine?! I remember looking over to the choreographer for help who was too busy clapping along in time with the music (typical choreographer right). I used this moment for a floor solo, as I commando crawled myself out of the obstacle course of girls still dancing over me. After rehearsals, I remember being carried out to the car by my friends. I will never forget the look on my Mum's face as I approached the car the 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE' face.

It was an absolutely horrific experience!

And to make matters worse, I had my 10 year anniversary concert with my dance studio the following weekend! That evening my knee had tripled in size, it was SO swollen. I was all too familiar with leg related injuries - having osgood schlatters disease in Year 8 and developing shin splints in Year 9 - that I knew a trip to the physio was in order. The next week I spent going between physio and specialist appointments to try and get my knee back to normal. And of course, the following weekend I performed at my dance concert. Looking back on it now it definitely wasn’t the smartest decision to dance while still recovering from an injury (and I do not recommend it AT ALL!) But in reality who is going to stop a stubborn 17 year old?

Remember your bodies are SUPER important, so make sure you look after them!

Here are some tips that helped me get back up after my injuiry:

Slow stretching every 30 minutes

Apply a heat pack when the injury starts to feel sore

Make sure your injury is supported and is feeling comfortable all the time

Most importantly listen to your body, if you need to lie down then do so

You can always try Physiotherapy and pain medication, but it's important to consult your healthcare professional first.

Our Adult Stretch (Open) class is great for anyone who needs assistance in slow stretching or muscle strengthing after injuries.

Look after those beautiful bodies, Dancers!

By Lauren MacKinnon

DTLS Founder & Principle

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